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Let’s Categorized the Novels!

Lately, I have no time to read all the actively translated Xianxia out there much so for the Japanese LN. So I prefer binge reading certain novels genre according to my mood. These impressions and genre are according to my personal judgement and taste that are really obvious. Here goes:

The Blood-thirsty, Action Packed & Non-stop Massacre

*Ridiculous reasons to start a massacre, even cats and dogs will not be spared, revenge-driven plot & non-stop killing arc 

1. Peerless Martial God
2. Martial God Asura
3. Chaotic Sword God
4. Against the God Continue reading Let’s Categorized the Novels!

My New Chinese Novel Craze ♥


Recently I found out I have a bunch of stuffs I’m following (or reading) to ease my boredom. Mostly they are Chinese to English translation novels which full of fantasy, fighting and immortality (wuxia / xianxia / Xuan Huan / Qi Huan) plots…which kind of absurd in my culture  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Here goes the list with a little favouritism especially with fast-updated novels and the links:

  1. Coiling Dragon (Completed)
  2. I Shall Seal the Heaven
  3. A Step into the Past (Completed)
  4. Douluo Dalu Continue reading My New Chinese Novel Craze ♥